Do I have depression?

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do I have depression? A picture of a man being sad sitting beside a window

”Do I have depression?” You may find yourself asking when you notice that something might not be quite right. We can all have ‘down moments’ or ‘down times’ where we feel sad and demotivated, but at what point should we begin to worry about this and think it is more than just being ‘down’. Depression… Read more »

rTMS With Cognitive Training

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Dr Martine Stoffels, Consultant Older Adult Psychiatrist Phoenix Mental Health Services is very excited to announce that we are now able to offer repetitive Transcranial Stimulation With Cognitive Training (rTMS-COG) – an innovative treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia. TMS is a magnetic method used to stimulate small regions of the brain. During a TMS procedure, a… Read more »