What can trigger an Adjustment Disorder?

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Adjustment disorders are stress-induced and can have a variety of different triggers.

An adjustment disorder is stress-related/stress-induced, whereby an individual experiences more stress than is considered ‘normal’ to a stressful event and this stress has a significant impact on their life, for example on their relationships, their work or education. A stressful event can be hard to define because everybody deals with stress differently. For some, a… Read more »

Why Writing Can Be Good For Depression

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why writing can be good for depression; a woman writing her notebook, showing that writing has positive impact against depression

If you suffer from depression or know someone who suffers from depression, you may wonder if there are ways to manage depression in addition to any of the benefits from antidepressants and therapy. For some, their depression is drug-resistant and there is no benefit from medication (and even therapy). Other than magnetic stimulation therapies, which… Read more »

7 Early Signs of Dementia

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early signs of dementia - a puzzle that forms the word alzheimer's

There are early signs of dementia though do bear in mind that they can differ on every individual. The chances of an individual getting dementia seem to be at an all-time high, so it is understandable that there are growing concerns amongst elderly people or families of the elderly individual. So, this leads to the… Read more »