Do I have depression?

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do I have depression? A picture of a man being sad sitting beside a window

”Do I have depression?” You may find yourself asking when you notice that something might not be quite right. We can all have ‘down moments’ or ‘down times’ where we feel sad and demotivated, but at what point should we begin to worry about this and think it is more than just being ‘down’. Depression… Read more »

Why Writing Can Be Good For Depression

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why writing can be good for depression; a woman writing her notebook, showing that writing has positive impact against depression

If you suffer from depression or know someone who suffers from depression, you may wonder if there are ways to manage depression in addition to any of the benefits from antidepressants and therapy. For some, their depression is drug-resistant and there is no benefit from medication (and even therapy). Other than magnetic stimulation therapies, which… Read more »