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Dr Martine Stoffels, Consultant Older Adult Psychiatrist

Phoenix Mental Health Services is very excited to announce that we are now able to offer repetitive Transcranial Stimulation With Cognitive Training (rTMS-COG) – an innovative treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia.

TMS is a magnetic method used to stimulate small regions of the brain. During a TMS procedure, a magnetic field generator, or “coil”, is placed near the head of the person receiving the treatment.The coil produces small electric currents in the region of the brain just under the coil via electromagnetic induction. The coil is connected to a pulse generator, or stimulator, that delivers electric current to the coil.

In the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia, a consultation with our psychiatrist is followed by an MRI scan at a local hospital which is used to inform our therapist which parts of the brain to target. Whilst each area is targeted, the patient is led through a specific cognitive programme, designed for that brain region. Treatment consists of 30 sessions lasting approximately one hour, over a six week period.

The evidence from trials in Israel and the US show that this therapy has the potential to put people with early dementia back to how they were about 2 years before. The effect lasts for up to a year and can be repeated yearly.

We are now treating patients regularly. Please contact Jasmin on 0870 162 0673 extension 2 or if you would like a consultation and for details of costs. If you would like to find out more about this therapy please click here: rTMS

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