LGBTQI Psychiatric Consultations

Current research shows that, the LGBTQ+ community faces substantially more mental health difficulties, in comparison to the rest of the population. In a 12-month span, approximately 1 in 3 people in this community experience serious mental health issues, and yet the availability and accessibility of adequate services to this community, is very limited.

Dr Pavan Joshi offers clinical consultations incorporating unique LGBTQ+ needs. He is committed to meeting the mental health needs of the LGBTQ+ community and provides an inclusive, responsive and non-judgmental approach to offering a compassionate evaluation and treatment plan focused on individual needs.

Dr Joshi provides psychiatric help with a wide range of difficulties including depression, trauma and PTSD, gender incongruence, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, psychosis, substance misuse, HIV associated mental health difficulties, OCD, mood disorders, sleep disorders, depression and personality disorders. As a liaison psychiatrist, he is also a specialist in analysing how the mind and body connect and influence each other. He also has a master’s in transcultural mental health, and is keen in working with intersectional identities between LGBTQ+ and culture.

Dr Joshi uses wide range of medical, psychiatric and psychotherapy training, alongside coaching skills for consultation and treatment plans. He can advise and prescribes medication, as well as uses therapies and coaching skills (e.g. self-care and psychotherapy) for formulation and management. He also refers his clients to ongoing counselling and psycho-social support, on the basis of assessments and individual needs.