Working Age Adult Psychiatric Consultations

NHS services are traditionally based around the multidisciplinary team model with nurses and other professionals providing support in conjunction with the doctor. Recent changes in the ways in which services are provided have meant that the patient’s journey can be rather fragmented with different teams in inpatient units, crisis teams and community mental health teams.

In contrast, private practice has tended to concentrate on people whose problems are less complex and more amenable to a doctor treating them alone with some referrals to other professionals such as psychologists. Treatment with hospital- prescribed medication such as Clozapine has been difficult or impossible. Community nurse follow-up has generally not been available.

The vision for Phoenix adult services is to provide continuity of care by the doctor and nurse together, whilst making a full range of other services available.

Our goal is to care for you, whether in your home, our consulting rooms or in hospital, without the dislocation too often associated with the NHS today. Key in this goal is our association with the inpatient and day hospital services of Cardinal Clinic. Phoenix staff will continue to be involved with your care, should you require admission and often attendance at the day hospital can reduce the requirement for an inpatient stay.

Currently, we can offer adult psychiatry appointments with Dr Danny Allen in Wooburn Green and Golders Green, Dr Al-Asadi Dr Joshi and Dr Reid remotely.

Additionally Dr Allen is available to provide opinions for occupational health physicians.