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9 July 2016

When i first attended Phoenix MHS I was warmly welcomed into what was a new experience for me in my search for someone to listen to me and understand my concerns and well being mentally. Once the initial assessment was completed with Dr Allen I then met Amreen Asghar who guided, coached and listened to me as I strived to get myself back on track.

Amreen was very understanding and professional in setting out a programme for my recovery and throughout the following weeks/months was there guiding and supporting me as I learnt how to adjust and regain my self esteem and confidence,  all this this helped me greatly and I am now well on the road to a better place and return to my employment with greater confidence, I still refer to my course work to prompt me if i do have a stress day ,this is useful for me.

In summary, I was very happy to have access to a professional treatment programme with a welcoming team looking after me. Thank you all.