Mr Reinhard Kowalski
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Therapist
Mr Kowalski has a special interest in treating the traumas behind psychological problems using Energy Psychology, Mindfulness, CBT, relaxation, meditation and Psychotherapy.
Ms Dawn Clark
Dawn’s Core Profession is Counselling Psychology. Her therapy models are CBT, Psychodynamic and Integrative. She also practices Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT). She is an NHS therapist and has held a broad range of NHS roles. She is also a supervisor and lecturer.
Joscelyn Raven
Joscelyn Raven
Psychodynamic Therapist
Joscelyn specialises in one-to-one work with adults. She offers a safe and confidential space for patients to speak with her about their difficulties and develop an understanding of the problems they are experiencing. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy can help to work through, and face, the underlying events, relationships, beliefs and fears which can cause destructive patterns as well as feelings of being stuck, frustrated, lost and empty.